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I'm an Australian living in Dundee, Scotland and I love it here. I have over fifteen years experience as a communications, marketing and media professional and have been the national marketing and communications manager of several agencies and organisations. As a freelance consultant I've mentored clients globally to unprecedented success and developed strategies and content that's had significant impact on their profits and profile.  

My strategic background ensures that clients receive work that's highly focused and effective. I keep on top of global communications and marketing trends, technology and successes and am passionate about supporting clients. I'm also a highly creative and driven individual and look for gaps in the market and how to rally writing, channels and delivery to plug those gaps. I've worked with many happy clients including global brands, creatives, writers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, governments, agencies, universities, not-for-profits and NGOs. 

I've written speeches for major national and international events and for clients who want to change the world and press releases/media kits that have garnered national attention.  I've edited books that have earned the endorsement of high profile global figures. 


I'm passionate about the power of language to entice, inform and persuade. I want to know all about you so that we can work together to create a more strategic and smarter future for you and whatever you wish to create. 



  • Speechwriter for the Chief Executive Officer of the Clean Energy Regulator and the President of the Lyme Disease Association of Australia.

  • Wrote and edited the annual report for Australia's national Renewable Energy Target for many years.

  • Drafted press releases and managed media response for the Renewable Energy Target, Alzheimer's Australia and QANTM Australia.

  • Wrote reams of targeted print material and online copy based upon industry best practice.

  • Wrote and edited advertising and editorial copy for the Australian Government's largest international investment advertising campaign including editorial for The Economist, The Wall St Journal, Businessweek and Australian Life Scientist. 

  • Wrote and edited award submissions for QANTM which resulted in QANTM winning Small Training Provider of the Year for two years running and an award for excellence in eLearning.



  • Developed national communications and marketing strategies for the Renewable Energy Target, the Carbon Farming Initiative, Alzheimers Australia and QANTM Australia. This included government-to-business, business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategies. 

  • Developed international communications strategies for Invest Australia, the Australian Government's investment arm and Queensland University of Technology. 

  • Managed Invest Australia's first independant research project with Young and Rubicam that analysed marketing intiatives and solidified the future marketing direction for the agency. 

  • The Invest Australia advertising campaign I managed resulted in a 300% jump in new projects and won an award for outstanding readership response in The Economist.


  • Responsible for national media management of the Australian Renewable Energy Target and the Carbon Farming Initiative. The Renewable Energy Target was frequently front page of major metropolitan and national media outlets. 

  • Drafted numerous press releases distributed to national and international media that garnered large scale media response. 


  • Conducted extensive user testing on the Renewable Energy Target website and redeveloped the site to be more user friendly for key target audiences.

  • Reveloped the navigation and content for the Carbon Farming Initiative website.  

  • Redeveloped the content and navigation for QUT International's website and, as a result, it was awarded the number one place in content design in a benchmarking study comparing the websites of Australian universities.


  • Successfully rebranded the Renewable Energy Target, QANTM Australia and the International Division of Queensland University of Technology.



  • Managed hundreds of events nationally and worldwide including industry events, workshops and training and representation at industry fairs.

  • Wrote and managed the production of annual reports, brochures and case studies and other supporting print materials.

  • Managed the production of branded booths and merchandising.

  • Managed the production of multilingual content for the web and print.