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Book Editing


I'm a firm believer that in this fast paced world of instant stimulation there's still a place for books. Books have the capacity to change lives, to deepen understanding and to transport readers to immersive worlds full of wonder. ​

I edit both fiction and non-fiction titles and I initially ask anyone interested in my services to send me a short 3-5 page extract so that I can give an honest assessment of whether the book needs:

  • Developmental editing - a deep edit that looks at how to make the book fully work for your readers. I'll examine the book according to many of the factors listed below.

  • Copy editing - This not only looks at grammar and spelling but also makes suggestions as to how to make a book read better in terms of sentences, paragraphs and general writing flow. This is a surface level edit that focuses on surface writing skill and is great for writers who really want to learn writing fundamentals.

  • Proofreading - Proofreading will be a read through to ensure that the grammar and spelling is correct but won't look at clarity, flow or ideas.


I've mentored many writers who had grand visions but lacked to skills to fully manifest their novel and have helped experienced writers hone their masterpieces. 


Sometimes writers just simply want a proofreader as they want to get the book out and I'm happy to do this too. Please indicate that this is your preference when you contact me.


The most important thing to consider when writing any book is that you are writing for an audience and so we have to make sure that the story and/or ideas hit their mark. We have a responsibility as writers to approach our craft professionally. 

Here are some factors that I look at when assessing your book and these will be fully examined during a developmental edit. I encourage you to also consider these points during your writing process prior to submitting to any editor.


Will readers feel disorientated by the content or is there flow? Are they taken smoothly from one point to another? 


Does the writing have clarity or is it confusing? This isn't just about sentence structure, grammar or spelling. It's also about ideas, story arcs etc. This is quite common so make sure that you've covered this as well as you can before you submit any manuscript.


If the story and/or ideas are queried will it/they hold up or are there gaps in reasoning, logic or information? Even the most out there book needs to have some measure of internal congruence. A common remark made about books that lack internal congruence is that they don't make much sense. 


Story development is important for non-fiction and fiction books. The reader must be taken on a journey. The journey must have enough momentum to carry the reader along with it otherwise they'll discard the book. There must be intention in the creation of characters and their actions must make sense even if they don't make sense initially. 


Is the writer considering the reader or is the project self-absorbed? Is there a way through to create something that can truly value the reader?


Does the writer care about grammar and spelling and has there been enough work put in to learn the essential skills needed for writing? 



Is the tone of the book consistent with whatever is going on with the story or ideas? 


Does the structure of the book support the goals of the story or ideas? 

  • I have over 15 years experience as an editor.

  • I'm reliable - I've worked in senior positions and am driven to look after my clients. 

  • I'm well read and intelligent. 

  • I'm an experienced writing mentor - My clients see me as not just an editor, but someone that will work alongside them to improve their writing skills. 

  • I won't pander to you, I'll share with you exactly what I think you need to do to improve.

  • I'm honest and compassionate - I know how hard this is and I want to give you the detailed service you need to truly succeed as an author.


As I'm a writer I understand that getting a project to the point where you're ready to submit a manuscript for editing is a massive undertaking. If you're at this point, well done! To reward you I've built copy editing into your developmental edits which isn't common practice. I've found that writers really benefit from this combination in terms of significantly developing their surface level writing skills as well as understanding how to truly create a valuable book. 

Developmental editing (includes copyediting) (1 draft) - £0.04 (~US$.055) per word

Basic copy editing (1 draft) - £0.019 (~US$0.025) per word

Proofreading (1 draft) - £0.012 (~US$o.017) per word