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Business Documentation - including reports, tenders, profiles and proposals


Having worked in senior levels in business, government and industry I have the strategic and analytical experience to both produce and edit business documentation. 

This includes drafting and editing:

  • Business reports that have had major impact on national and international industry and investment. 

  • Sustainability reports for major global companies and industry reports that shape industry futures.  

  • Submissions for enquiries based upon requested formats.

  • Successful submissions for awards. 

  • Tenders for various industries and tender assessment. 

  • Succinct and powerful company profiles that support your brand vision. 

  • Letters and business documentation that support the day-to-day function of the business. 


My years of working for the Australian Government in industry and investment has ensured I'm very precise and specific with documentation and can write with a professional tone.


I've worked extensively with complex information and enjoy devising methods to make information easier to understand and accessible. I can also analyse data and create diagrams to more clearly articulate structures and processes. 


If you already have documents and require a professional to review them for clarity, consistency and typos I am well practiced at editing and proofreading.