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Marketing and Communications Mentoring


Sometimes my clients don't know where to start with making their vision a reality. They have a broad idea about what they want to achieve but need a mentor to guide them to decide upon the channels and formats they wish to use and how they wish to develop their brand. 

Sometimes clients also need some extra guidance in the middle of a project to address some of the other issues that are coming up in the development of their business. 

I've mentored hundreds of people and have made their dreams a reality. Given my vast experience at an executive level over many years I can guide you carefully into working through how you can best utilise marketing and communications to achieve your dreams. I'll give you structure and insights into where to start, what to do and how to manifest effective communications, products and services. 

My mentoring can be either through written guidance on a certain project or via face-to-face or online mentoring and brainstorming. I'll listen to you and understand your venture or business and help you to feel excited and clear about what's next. 

As I'm a big believer in strategy also consider whether you want to work with me on a professional marketing and communications strategy or specific strategy for a product or service or a branding overview to really get clear on who you are and what you wish to bring to the world. 

As I care about my clients I'll also help to steer you away from ventures or ideas that will waste your money and reduce your impact. My advice is always based on best practice and high quality output so you'll also take on skills that will help you to make autonomous decisions in the future and steer your ship with greater clarity. 

A one hour session with me is £55 and written guidance will be quoted separately.