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Course Development - Online/Face-to-Face


Online training has become one of the key sources of passive income for individuals and businesses worldwide. Successful courses are both engaging and professionally delivered and provide students with information and insights that transform their lives.

Unlike most course content developers I have qualifications and experience in teaching and experience in creating course content that's both professional and targeted. 

I've created online, face-to-face and train-the-trainer courses for my clients that are structured and delivered to meet the learning needs of a particular audience. The training has objectives and specific outcomes and can combine:

  • Course objectives and structure. 

  • Written content for embedding in online courses and/or workbooks. 

  • Concepts for diagrams to help to clarify key ideas. These can be sent to a graphic designer for professional impact. 

  • Video transcription for video training. 

  • Presentation slides for video training. I am experienced in Keynote and PowerPoint.

  • Sales page for your course.

  • Email funnels to accompany your sales page enquiries to ensure conversion.

  • Social media content to promote your course via your social media channels. 

  • Marketing and communications strategies for course promotion.  

Although I'm not a graphic designer I am well versed in briefing graphic designers and course platform designers in the graphic design and upload of course content. I can act as your liaison and provide additional checks if needed. 

I want you to know you are in safe hands here. My aim is always to see a project through and deliver a product that aligns closely with your vision and your objectives. Contact me to discuss your course further and I look forward to working with you and assisting you in educating your audiences.