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Sales Pages & Email Sales Funnels



Sales pages must convert and tap into the key needs and desires of a particular audience very quickly. An effective sales page will have the visuals and the copy working together to entice and call the audience to action. 

It's vitally important that a sales page also has key elements of the visual branding and tone of a business as well as mirroring it's core strategies, goals and objectives. It must form part of your strategy rather than standing alone. 

If I haven't met with you already I like to have an online meeting where we really brainstorm the sales page and the elements and content you're looking for as well as discussing your business so that I have a good understanding of the bigger picture. 

I'll then look at generating the copy and design brief for a sales page that:

  • Has a headline directly targeted at your audience/s.

  • Sells the benefits of the product/service.

  • Integrates copy with design elements to improve conversions based on best practice and the latest trends.

  • Is long form or short form depending on the product or service and the audience.

  • Has strong calls to action placed strategically within the content.

  • Keeps audiences on the sales page rather than directing them away.

  • Inspires trust through well placed trust signals and social proof such as testimonials and logos. 



Sales funnels are a a series of communications released at predefined intervals that lead your customers into purchasing and engaging with you. They are usually initiated by either a sales or landing page or a call-to-action from your site and can be the focus of specific marketing campaigns. 

I'll work with you to:

  • Determine the brand voice and the nature of the conversation, whether it be to educate, inspire, entertain, or something else. 

  • Develop compelling headlines and landing page content.

  • Clearly define and highlight the benefits of your product/service. 

  • Determine how your product/service will solve your target audience's problems and/or help them to achieve their goals. 

  • Work with you to find the inspiring stories that provide social proof.

  • Determine mechanisms to inspire trust. 

  • Determine guarantees.

  • Take your clients/customers through the four funnel stages which represent their mindset which are, awareness, interest, decision, action. 

  • Develop copy that is graphic in nature to increase response. 

  • Determine obstacles and objections.

I can also work with you to track the campaigns and funnels and analyse what tweaks need to be made based upon the response. Often we will find anomalies that may help us to change direction and more clearly establish a relationship with target audiences. 

As we develop these you will also have the option of engaging me to formulate and release email newsletters or social media campaigns if you feel that you would like to have a longer term engagement.