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SEO content for blogs, advertising copy, products and websites 


When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimised) content quality is now the #1 ranking factor on Google. The algorithms no longer favour low quality content flushed with keywords. Instead best practice is content that adds value to people's lives and that they naturally want to click on and link through to. 

As an experienced writer who has written for high profile media such as The Economist and BusinessWeek I'm passionate about creating enthralling content while also adhering to the tricks of SEO such as:

  • Creating a top notch SEO headline & sub-headings.

  • Logically inserting high value keywords.

  • Breaking up information into consumable insights. 

  • Using structure to tell a compelling story.

  • Utilising text elements such as bold and well placed hyperlinks. 

SEO best practice changes all the time so it's important that you have a copywriter on board who is both an experienced writer and researcher.

Some examples of my work are: