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Social media campaigns


Social media gives entrepreneurs and businesses unprecedented access to target audiences. I'll work with you to create a narrative and a brand personality that incites interest, entertains, incites loyalty and drives sales.


We'll look at:

  • Clarifying and tracking target audiences. 

  • Determining social media and campaign goals. 

  • Determining the pain points and the way your product or service will meet them. 

  • Defining keywords. 

  • Working within the promotional rules of the social media channel.

  • Testing campaigns and engaging in best practice campaign procedures such as split ad testing. 

  • Developing landing pages, sales funnels and lead generation when needed. 


Please note that I'm not a graphic designer, I'm a content specialist and a strategist.


I can generate briefs for your chosen designer and the campaign and/or social media strategy. The strategy provides a linchpin for delivering a professional campaign and clarifies strategic thinking for all involved. My clients also consider working with me to develop a marketing and communications strategy for all areas of the business/venture to clearly define overall objectives, goals, target audiences and tactics to ensure uniformity and direction.